Our Charter


If talent is essential to a professional career, it is by no means enough. Our players will need to differentiate themselves from others by their mind-set.

Our requirements will be behaviour intelligence, cult of respect, patience, work and commitment to their professional status. We will improve all of these aspects by giving them access to the codes essential for success in the world of football.


First, let’s talk about our requirements :


In order to subsequently give him the codes essential to his success:

The world of football is nothing but a society and like in any other society, there are rules and customs, but there are also numerous players: federations, clubs, officials, managers, decision-makers, underlings.

One of our missions will be to make the player and his family understand the world they find themselves in. This will give the player the ability to meet his bosses’ expectations, appear on television to reflect the best image of himself and accept criticisms and judgments which are unavoidable in top-level football.

Based on the premise that a club, a manager and training are not enough, another of our missions will be to make him realize that being self-sufficient is essential and that work needs to be done outside of his club and the training provided there.

Thus, each player will be taken individually for technical, tactical and mental coaching.


Technical coaching

Work on the field, with or without a ball, will take place during school holidays to enable the player to increase his capacities, reduce his weaknesses and maintain the fitness necessary to remain a first-team player in his team.

That management will allow him to master all his moves, leave the fewest possible things up to chance, withstand duels in the best way possible, best weigh his strengths in order to adapt them to the team’s capacities.

Individualized physical fitness and body building programmes will take place all year round.

These complementary works build confidence in oneself and in one’s football and enable the player to always maintain an optimum level of mental, technical and psychological toughness in order to be and remain in the manager’s starting eleven. They will enable him to avoid the cycles of ups and downs typical of young football players.    


Tactical coaching

Thanks to a professional and experienced view of top-level football, we will be able, with each passing match that we watch, to help the player best position himself on the field and fully understand what his manager expects of him in order to be able to satisfy him while developing his tactical experience.


Mental coaching

Thanks to continued psychological support, we will help the player: